Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site

Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site

Apr. 24, 2014
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A mysterious fire and a bullied girl committing suicide led her brother (Ryou Tezuka) to take matters into his own hands.Kidnapping three girls — Yukawa Ayano, Inami Misuzu, and Tsubaki Rina — he rapes and tortures them to extract information on why they had to bully his sister? Why did she have to die?

Misuzu Inami is a model that does well, Ayano Yukawa works as an actress in public entertainment, and Tsubaki Rina seemed to be his younger sister’s best friend.

There is also the mystery of a journal hiding a dark past…

Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site
Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site
Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site

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First air date Apr. 24, 2014
Last air date Apr. 25, 2014
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 29 minutes


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