An average boy receives one day a special camera from a mysterious, massively-endowed girl in a bunny suit. This camera has the ability to make any girl photographed with it unbearably horny, deepening their erotic agony with each picture you take. And when the sexual tension finally boils over, the only way to quench these uniformed vixens’ thirst is by having them service you with their enormous breasts!

Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu!
Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu!
Oppai Gakuen Marching Band Bu!

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First air date Oct. 24, 2014
Seasons 1
Episodes 1
Average Duration 27 minutes


Shiofuki Mermaid
Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku
Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…
Succubus Appli Gakuen Saimin
Enjo Kouhai (Assisted Mating)
I Can
Zecchou Rocket
Chijoku Kankin
Hell Knight Ingrid
Nudist Beach ni Shuugaku Ryokou de!! The Animation
Tayu Tayu
Kotowarenai Haha