Muramata-san no Himitsu

Muramata-san no Himitsu

Jul. 17, 2020
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The kind-spirited Muramata holds a secret that no one at her workplace knows. Following yet another mistake made by her subordinate Kaji, the two head off from work to spend a stress-free night out drinking. Due to their usual lounge being closed for the night, at Muramata’s suggestion, the office pair head over to her apartment.

While in the comfort of her own home, Muramata reveals to Kaji her “youthful foolishness,” and the two discover the pleasures that Muramata’s secret holds. Wrapped in lust, the duo inch closer towards realizing how powerful a connection can be made through a shared confidence. Can Kaji keep this classified information between the two of them, or will word spread around the office like wildfire?

Muramata-san no Himitsu
Muramata-san no Himitsu
Muramata-san no Himitsu

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First air date Jul. 17, 2020
Last air date Sep. 25, 2020
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 19 minutes


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