Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso

Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso

May. 15, 2019
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“Welcome, Hinagiku.”

At first glance she looks like a plain Jane, but Hinagiku Kuroko is actually hot and sexy as hell. She has feelings for Otonashi Suguru, who works at the library with her, but he has feelings for the idol of the school, Moegi. In a string of events, Kuroko ends up confessing to him while he’s blindfolded, but her voice is similar to Moegi’s.From that day on, she rapes Suguru everyday while pretending to be Moegi.

Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso

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First air date May. 15, 2019
Last air date Jun. 24, 2019
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 20 minutes


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