Aoharu Snatch


The literary club is declared abolished due to lack of personnel. At least three people must be gathered by the deadline. The club president, Shiori Sakura, managed to avoid the club’s dissolution by calling out to three students who were in the club room, mistaking it for an empty room. At first, he teased me by saying obscene words and showing me a naughty book. It gradually escalated… She became a direct sexual harassment and was forcibly violated. The remaining two people came in there, and instead of helping, they were complicit, and in the end, the three of them did ???. The situation is taken in photos and videos, and it becomes impossible to go against it. From there, the three of them continue to treat them like meat urinals under the name of the Literature Club. Makoto Niijima, a first-year student, has joined the club, but he doesn’t know the actual situation yet. Includes “Monotachi Devouring Literature Chapter 1”, “Monotachi Devouring Literature Yuen” and “Monotachi Devouring Literature Chapter 2” from the original “Aoharu Snatch”

Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch
Aoharu Snatch

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First air date Feb. 17, 2023
Last air date Feb. 28, 2023
Seasons 1
Episodes ?
Average Duration 20 minutes
Quality, ,


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