Konna Mune demo Aisaretai!! (These Breasts Want to be Loved, Too!)
High school student Ookoshi discovers the secret of his well-endowed classmate, Takita—it turns out that Takita does not have the breasts that everyone around her believes her to have. Fearing that Ookoshi may expose her secret, Takita “gives” him something irresistible as an incentive.

Souda Imouto to Renshuu shiyou.
(That’s Right! I’ll Practice with my Sister!)
After arranging a meetup with a girl online and thinking that it may escalate into something lustful, Ami’s older brother decides to practice having sex with Ami. Of course, she is not willing to let her brother have his way with her, unless he completes a certain “challenge.”

Ano Ko to Ii Koto
Ano Ko to Ii Koto
Ano Ko to Ii Koto

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First air date Oct. 02, 2015
Last air date Dec. 25, 2015
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 19 minutes


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