Anejiru The Animation: Shirakawa Sanshimai ni Omakase

Anejiru The Animation: Shirakawa Sanshimai ni Omakase

Dec. 22, 2006
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For some reason, Shirakawa Yu has been living with his grandparents, but he is supposed to live with his mother after an interval of more than ten years with her new husband, that is, his father-in-law. There, his sisters-in-law, Shirakaw Kyoko, Ryoko and Anzu, who have grown to be very beautiful women, are waiting for him. The sisters welcome him, and let him use the room of their father who is always absent because of his archaeological studies. In the room, he finds a queer jar. It is a cursed jar that will cast upon him the worst of curses unless he collects women’s love juices within a limited period of time.

Anejiru The Animation: Shirakawa Sanshimai ni Omakase

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Alternative title

姉汁 THE ANIMATION~白川三姉妹におまかせ~

First air date Dec. 22, 2006
Last air date May. 23, 2007
Seasons 1
Episodes 2
Average Duration 30 minutes


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