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Tsundero – Episode 6 - Watch Hentai

Stream Tsundero episode 6 english subbed posted Feb. 03, 2024, download Tsundero hentai in high quality Tsundero at Watch Hentai.


Synopsis: Episode 1: Yuka Yoshii, the idol of her school who is beautiful to look at, has excellent grades and is quite versatile in sports, she is also a great pervert who loves to fulfill her sexual desires and fantasies. Takashi Kinoshita is also a big pervert on his level, so they seem to be one for another.Yuka discovers him harassing her and masturbating with her underwear, so her libido overcomes her and it doesn't take long for her to start sucking that member that she had always dreamed of. With the promise that she won't tell anyone what happened, Yuka finally gets the chance to make her fantasies of intense sex between a perverted virgin and a boy she doesn't really know come true.Episode 2: Kizuno, the student council president, is famous for being quite strict with the school rules, and for being especially dedicated to banning the Anime Club's activities. The club members can't do anything about a president who doesn't take complaints, but it seems that one of them has discovered her secret hobby: cosplaying. This opens up opportunities to both maintain club activities and have a beautiful girl at her disposal. This is how sexual training by otakus begins!