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Succubus ★ Connect! – Episode 1 - Watch Hentai

Stream Succubus ★ Connect! episode 1 english subbed posted Apr. 21, 2024, download Succubus ★ Connect! hentai in high quality Succubus ★ Connect! at Watch Hentai.

Succubus ★ Connect!

Synopsis: Yuina has feelings for her brother, with whom she has no blood relationship. One day, a mysterious voice leads her to a strange place. A man attacks her without knowing why, and she desperately needs his help. But then, a ghostly succubus appears with a light to save her! The succubus possesses Yuina's body and begins to sexually attack her at a furious pace. The mysterious succubus squeezes out all the men she can, not caring if the naive Yuina gets nervous.What will happen to Yuina in a world where succubi abound? 'I want to go home...... to my brother...' The story is about a young woman who is in love with her brother, but she doesn't know what to do with him! I have been “connected” with a lascivious succubus! But that's how things are...